I am using ansible 2.5, I have gone through the best practices 
but I fail to understand how I am supposed to properly handle 
*host-specific* files. 

My exact use case is handling vpn certificates for computers embedded in 
cars. the vpn lets the cars talk to our internal servers.
Each deployed car has it's own vpn certificate and key allowing for 
individual revocation. The .crt and the .key files really are host 

Here is the tree I thought I could use : 
├── inventories
│   ├── group_vars
│   │   └── mygroup
│   └── host_vars
│       └── demo-box
│           ├── demo-box.crt
│           ├── demo-box.key
│           └── demo-box.yml
├── playbook.yml
├── playbooks
│   └── setup.yml
└── roles
    └── linux
        └── openvpn
            ├── defaults
            │   └── main.yml
            ├── files
            ├── meta
            │   └── main.yml
            └── tasks
                └── main.yml

Unfortunately I can't seem to get the copy plugin to properly resolve the 
.key and .crt files (the host vars are indeed processed) 

my initial naive attempt for the tasks/main.yml was 

- name: "Install client openvpn credentials"
    src: "openvpn.{{item}}"
    dest: "/etc/openvpn/{{ hostname }}.{{ item }}"
    mode: 0755
    - crt
    - key
    - foo

When running ansible-playbook -i inventories/test.lst playbook.yml I get 
the follwing error

AnsibleFileNotFound: Could not find or access 'openvpn.crt'
Searched in:

So it seems that unlike vars, default file lookup doesn't look into 
inventory_dir at all. and also that using a top level file directory  like 
in not going to work. Adding playbook_vars_root = all to ansible.cfg 
doesn't help either as it seem to only apply to vars.
Based on 
I tried using lookup like so 

- name: "Install client openvpn credentials"
    src: "{{ lookup('file', inventory_dir + '/host_vars/' + 
inventory_hostname + '/openvpn.'+ item ) }}"
    dest: "/etc/openvpn/{{ hostname }}.{{ item }}"
    mode: 0755
    - crt
    - key

but that doesn't seem to be valid anymore in 2.5 (I get an error about 
quotes but can't spot a quoting error) and this syntax is totally absent 
from 2.5 documentation.

What is the "official" recommendation for this use case ? 
I guess I could create 2 string vars for the key and crt files and use 
ansible-vault encrypt-string instead of encrypt to secure the key. This is 
a relatively painful process (as opposed to simply copying the files over 
to the proper host folder) and we have tens of systems to retrofit into 
ansible. I was hoping there would be a better solution for host-specfic 
credential files. 


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