Hi Bill, 
Try this:

  become: yes

  become_method: runas

  become_user: SYSTEM

On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 9:24:28 AM UTC-7, William Dossett wrote:
> Hi,
> Fairly new to Ansible, but  I am just finishing a fairly extensive course 
> on Linux Academy.  I have some good use cases... the first one is 
> configuring windows VMs to have a number of packages installed 
> automatically.  Currently I can uninstall old versions of java and install 
> the most current version of java on a number of VMs.
> I have a problem with the install thought that I can't seem to put my 
> finger on, but have reproduced several times now specifically on windows 
> 2016 servers and possibly on windows 2012.
> These VMs are automatically put on the domain when they are provisioned.  
> We are an engineering shop and we add all domain users to the local 
> administrator group as any engineer can logon to any VM as administrator.  
> These are engineering clusters only.
> I have configured Kerberos and it works fine in general, however when I 
> try to use win_package to install from a network share I have problems.
>  - name: Install Java from network share
>     win_package:
>      path: \\fileserver.mycorp.local\share\java\JavaSetup8u161.exe
>      product_id: '{26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-2F32180161F0}'
>      state: present
>      arguments: /s
>      user_name: MYCORP\myuser
>      user_password: secretpassword
> it fails with permissions
> "failed to connect network drive with credentials: Access is denied"
> I am a member of domain admins, and administrators... I can logon to these 
> systems and execute the package from PS console and it works fine, but not 
> using win_package
> If I change the user from myuser to administrator, then it works.  It 
> seems like this is to do with ansible as I can execute it from console as 
> me fine, but if anyone has any advice on what the problem might be, I would 
> sure appreciate it as this is kind of stumbling block to move on to a full 
> configuration that I am trying to achieve.
> Thanks
> Bill

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