Hi all,

I am a beginner in ansible. If anyone can help me in finding the answer. It 
would be great. My problem was finding a phrase in ansible which one of the 
person have helped me. But unfortunately i am not able to fit the piece of 
code in my playbook.

    hostclass: 'puppet'
    hostclass: 'ess'
    hostclass: 'mdb'

the code was::

- debug: 
  msg: "{{ hostinfo|dictsort|selectattr('1.hostclass', 'equalto', 
'ess')|first|first }}"

Now i am writing the code as given below. I know in this piece of code i am 
making mistakes. But since i am a beginner i am not able to understand it. 
Can anyone help me?

- hosts: test
  gather_facts: no 

- debug: 
  msg: "{{ hostinfo|dictsort|selectattr('1.hostclass', 'equalto', 
'ess')|first|first }}"

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