Hi all,

I have the following playbook 

- hosts: r2
  gather_facts: true
  connection: local
      host: "{{ ansible_host }}"
      username: cisco
      password: cisco
    - name: ios_facts
         provider: "{{ creds }}"
    - debug:
        var: ansible_net_interfaces

If I do a debut I get this output

"ansible_net_interfaces": {
        "Ethernet0/0": {
            "bandwidth": 10000, 
            "description": null, 
            "duplex": null, 
            "ipv4": [
                    "address": "", 
                    "subnet": "24"
            "lineprotocol": "up ", 
            "macaddress": "aabb.cc00.2000", 
            "mediatype": null, 
            "mtu": 1500, 
            "operstatus": "up", 
            "type": "AmdP2"
        "Ethernet0/1": {
            "bandwidth": 10000, 
            "description": null, 
            "duplex": null, 
            "ipv4": [], 
            "lineprotocol": "down ", 
            "macaddress": "aabb.cc00.2010", 
            "mediatype": null, 
            "mtu": 1500, 
            "operstatus": "administratively down", 
            "type": "AmdP2"

What im trying to do is to check if the fact "lineprotocol" is up or down, 
but when I put the fact in my var is not working, how should I do this?


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