Hi There,

  I have set up a playbook and two roles ->

   1) The first role sets up the Linux kernel and OS 
   2) The second role installs the Oracle software WITH a listener but 
WITHOUT any instance. This role has checks to terminate if Oracle is 
already installed

 I am now wanting to set up a role to install multiple Oracle instances ( 
DEV TEST UAT RCAT etc). I get stuck with the fact that each instance has a 
different port number for enterprise manager. eg (DEV 5500, TEST 5501 etc). 
So far, the only way I can see to do this is to not have a common dbca.rsp 
file but rather have one per instance with the port number hard coded. 
Also, I want to ensure that prior to attempting to create a database, that 
the instance being created doesn't already exist. Is this possible while 



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