Hi, my question is :: 

My ansible script will be running for multiple systems. But in 
elasticsearch.jinja2 how can i change the value of node.name for different 

Jinja 2 Code::-

# ---------------------------------- Cluster 
# Use a descriptive name for your cluster:
 cluster.name: {{ my_defined_cluster_name }}
# ------------------------------------ Node 
# Use a descriptive name for the node:
 node.name: {{ my_defined_node_name }}
# Add custom attributes to the node:
# node.rack: r1

If i am running this jinja2 file, across all the systems the value of 
node.name will be same. But i dont want this, i want to put some other 
values when it runs to other systems. 

what modification i can do in Jinja2 file , can anyone help me ??

My ansible playbook looks like this::


## Task Related to Configuration of Elastic Search :: 

- name: Copy Configuration file for Elastic Search 
    src: elasticsearch.jinja2
    dest: /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml
    mode: 0750
    owner: root
    group: elasticsearch

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