On 15.04.2018 11:18, Bishwajit Samanta wrote:
Hi, i am having a problem in setting up postgresql through ansible.


Peer authentication failed for user "postgres". I checked google, i found people as saying i need to use become and become_user: postgress. But even
after doing that i am getting, that those are not valid attribute .

- name: create a new postgresql Database
    name: "{{ my_db_name }}"
    # become: true
    # become_user: postgres

- name: Create Postgress User
    name: "{{ my_db_create_name }}"
    password: "{{ my_db_password }}"
    priv: "CONNECT/products:ALL"
    # become: true
    # become_user: postgres

- name: Ensuring no other user have Database Access
    db: "{{ my_db_create_name }}"
    role: PUBLIC
    type: database
    priv: ALL
    state: absent
    # become: true
    # become_user: postgres

Can anyone help me ?

become and become_user is directives for the task not the module, so they need to be align on the same level as postgres_xxxx and name.

Kai Stian Olstad

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