Hi Jordan,
         I have tried all the possibilities and your suggestions as well 
still the same error for windows alone. Is there any work around for this?

*N.B:* I have modified the password before posting it. 

Sushena P

On Wednesday, 31 July 2019 04:33:02 UTC+5:30, Jordan Borean wrote:
> Part of the Kerberos authentication process is to lookup the remote server 
> in the KDC database (AD database). If it cannot find that server then you 
> will get this error. In this case it will lookup the host using the SPN 
> 'HTTP/gcp-bashost.NORTHIND.INTERNAL' . If you have defined ansible_host for 
> that host then it will be using that hostname as the 2nd part of the SPN.
> The fact that you can use kinit to get the credentials shows that your 
> Ansible controller is talking to the domain correctly, this issue is around 
> not being able to lookup your remote host. Make sure;
>    - You are connecting to the host using the FQDN and not an IP address
>    - The remote host is part of the domain
>    - If you need to connect with an IP, you can use 
>    'ansible_winrm_kerberos_hostname_override' to set the host's FQDN so the 
>    SPN lookup works
> Also you should change your password right now and never share it in a 
> public setting again.
> Thanks
> Jordan

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