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Adam McGill <adamande...@gmail.com> wrote:

> add the items of net_interface into aggregate_info or 
> create new dictionary based on key value of node_name.

Create dictionaries from the lists

    - set_fact:
        agg: "{{ agg|default({})|combine({item.node_name: item}) }}"
      loop: "{{ aggregate_info }}"
    - set_fact:
        net: "{{ net|default({})|combine({item.node_name: item}) }}"
      loop: "{{ net_interface }}"

Then combine the corresponding dictionaries and concatenate the results into
a new list

    - set_fact:
        aggregate_info2: "{{ aggregate_info2|default([]) +
                             [agg[item]|combine(net[item])] }}"
      loop: "{{ agg.keys()|list }}"



Vladimir Botka

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