I don't know.  How would you do it with JUnit's command-line?  Sorry, I
didn't really answer your original question - doh!

I'm pretty sure there is no way to execute only a single test method with
Ant's JUnit integration.  Its really up to the TestCase to define the
'suite' to run, unless it has some hooks to allow a method name passed in to
it, but even then Ant's <junit> wouldn't take advantage of it.  If you can
do it from the command-line you could always run it with <java> for the time
being and send that back as a reply to this thread so that it could possibly
be integrated with the <junit> task somehow.


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Thanks for the pointer Erik.  How would one execute a single Method
(Test Unit) on the command-line as part of an Ant invocation?


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>From Ant's very own build.xml:

  <target name="run-single-test" if="testcase" depends="compile-tests">

    <junit printsummary="no" haltonfailure="yes" fork="${junit.fork}">
      <sysproperty key="build.tests" value="${build.tests}"/>
      <classpath location="${java.home}/lib/classes.zip" />
      <classpath refid="tests-classpath"/>
      <formatter type="plain" usefile="false" />
      <test name="${testcase}" />

And its run like this:

    ant run-single-test -Dtestcase=<fully qualified classname>

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Is it easily to execute a single test within a Testcase from an Ant
file?  I would like to pass in argument specifying the TestCase class
and test method to invoke.  I would rather not have to update an
AllTests suite wrapper.  I can't seem to see how one would set this up.
Any pointers, are greatly appreciated.



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