Weinmann, Alexander wrote:

> Hello ANT-Users,
> Under windows 2000 I experienced several times that the
> copy task did not work as expected. License files and other
> "proprietary" formats seemed to have changed [when read
> from other applications] after being copied.
> Doing the Copy manually on the operating system level solved the problem
> and made me think their might be a problem with the Copy-Task ..
> Any hints from the experts?
> P.S.: "Filtering" is off!

That is what the last guy said - just kidding:-) The next time you 
encounter this, would you be able to investigate the nature of the 
differences, perhaps even resorting to a binary level diff.? Also if you 
could give us the <copy> snippet. Finally there may be other 
"line-oriented" processes being run over the files. This could be other 
Ant tasks such as <fixcrlf> being applied  to more files that it should 
or something like that.

Any info would help to track down any issues.


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