I had alredy sent this mail earlier, since is has not appeared in list so far, iam sending it agian. Please ignore if you receive the earlier one.
Hi all, Iam trying to generate javadoc of my project my files with javadoc task of Ant. here i have directory structure is src/ext as shown below. Here i have two java files in query folder and they both these files are in wt.query package. Rest all java files under ext directory are in ext.glynwed.* package. My javadoc task in build.xml is as shown below.
                       '-------order(conatin java files)
                                      '------clients (conatin java files)
                                      '------htmlclients (conatin java files)
                                      '------orderbean (conatin java files)
                                                                                 '---query (conatin java files of wt.query package)         
<target name="javadoc">
  <mkdir dir="${build.javadoc}" />
  <javadoc packagenames="ext.glynwed.*"
           windowtitle="Glynwed WT extended API"
           doctitle="Glynwed WT extended API"
           bottom="&#169; Copyright 2001 Parametric Technology Corporation" >
      <link href="" offline="true"
    packagelistLoc="${build.dir}/codebase/wt/clients/library/api" />
      <link offline="true" href="" packagelistLoc="${localjava.home}/docs/api"/>
If i remove Windchill_5.1 folder from src/ext then above code works fine, if i include Windchill_5.1 then it gives error saying that
  [javadoc] javadoc: No package, class, or source file found named ext.glynwed.order.Windchill_5.1.src.wt.query.
  [javadoc] 1 error
This is because those two java files in query folder are in wt.querry package. So please tell me how can i include more than one package . I tried putting wt.* in packagenames attribute with comma, but it did not work. Also javadoc does not support any include or exclude attributes.
Thanks in advance

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