I am trying to compile over a 1000 files within the javac task within ant
and the reply that I am getting back said that I had run out of memory

msg =
    [javac] Compiling 1213 source files to D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ANT1.4\classes
    [javac] The compiler has run out of memory.  Consider using the "
-J-mx<number>" command line option to increase the
maximum heap size.

I then used the memoryMaximumSize option on the javac command within ant
and got the following;

    [javac] Compiling 1213 source files to D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ANT1.4\classes
    [javac] -J-Xmx1000m is an invalid option or argument.
    [javac] Usage: javac <options> <source files>
    [javac] where <options> includes:
    [javac]   -g                     Generate all debugging info
    [javac]   -g:none                Generate no debugging info
    [javac]   -g:{lines,vars,source} Generate only some debugging info
    [javac]   -O                     Optimize; may hinder debugging or
enlarge class files
    [javac]   -nowarn                Generate no warnings
    [javac]   -verbose               Output messages about what the
compiler is doing
    [javac]   -deprecation           Output source locations where
deprecated APIs are used
    [javac]   -classpath <path>      Specify where to find user class files
    [javac]   -sourcepath <path>     Specify where to find input source
    [javac]   -bootclasspath <path>  Override location of bootstrap class
    [javac]   -extdirs <dirs>        Override location of installed
    [javac]   -d <directory>         Specify where to place generated class
    [javac]   -encoding <encoding>   Specify character encoding used by
source files
    [javac]   -target <release>      Generate class files for specific VM

Then I tried the -v flag and got a big output I have trimmed to what I
think is relevant.

Ant version 1.4 compiled on October 10 2001
Buildfile: build.xml
Detected Java version: 1.2 in: D:\ECM_Extras\jdk1.2.2_006\jre
Detected OS: Windows NT
parsing buildfile D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ant1.4\cmp\build.xml with URI =
Project base dir set to: D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ant1.4\cmp
 [property] Override ignored for ant.java.version
Build sequence for target `init' is [init]
Complete build sequence is [init]

    [javac] Compiling 1213 source files to D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ANT1.4\classes
    [javac] Using classic compiler
    [javac] Compilation args: -J-Xmx5000000 -d D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ANT1.4\classes
-classpath D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ANT1.4\classes;D:\E
nt1.4\ecm -sourcepath D:\ECM_AREAS\jamjar\JJ_sourcecode\java -g:none

I tried the memoryMaximumSize  at the beginning and at the end of the javac
task in the build file and it did not make a difference.

Just to make sure I wasn't going mad I tried the command on a single file
just to make sure the syntax was correct.

D:\ECM_EXTRAS\ant1.4\cmp>javac -J-Xmx50000000  *.java
RVWCarConstants.java:17: Package com.quidnunc.fj.common.constant not found
in import.
import com.quidnunc.fj.common.constant.*;

It came back as I expected.

I tried the bug

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