You can view it using IE5 or IE6 just by putting log.xsl in the same
directory as log.xml and opening log.xml in either of those browsers.   Or
you could run it through the <style> task (in a separate Ant invocation, of
course) - note: I haven't tried this, but it *should* work.

You could run it through a command-line option that comes with Xalan also.
Here's a link to their how-to:


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Subject: Using log.xml output

> I found the stylesheet for log.xml but now how do I use
> it?  Do I need to feed it through something like Coocoon
> to get the correct output?
> Sorry for the ignorance, but I'm just looking for  a simpler
> way to get HTML output from nightly builds.
> Thanks.
> jim

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