Altough very similar, the chmod task succeed for src target, and fails with 
web target:
<!-- Prepare the source distribution -->
  <target name="src">

    <chmod dir="${release.src}" perm="og=u-w" type="both" includes="**"/>

  <!-- Prepare the web site  -->
  <target name="web" depends="release.bin,release.src,demo">

    <chmod dir="${release.web}" perm="og=u-w" type="both" includes="**"/>
Using the verbose switch shows that ant tries to actually get the list of all 
files in the directory instead of using a recursive chmod command. And as the 
${release.web} directory is quite large (2000 files), maybe it could be the 
problem ?
I use ant 1.4.1 on linux, with Sun jdk 1.31
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