We have a funky setup around here. In our build process, we need to copy
some 3rd party jars to a specific directory, used by Weblogic in part of its
classpath. The problem is that this directory is writable by only one user
(let's call that user "owner"). Any other user (say, "notowner" -- as you
can see, my imagination knows no bounds) that runs the build task will have
problems because that user is not allowed to overwrite the existing 3rd
party jar.

For some reason (probably a cvs thing) the jar date on notowner's version of
the jar is more recent. So when trying to do the build, ant tries to copy
the jar over the existing one, which fails, evidently. So my question: can I
give other parameters to ant to determine when/if it should copy the file.
In my case, the file should only be copied if it doesn't exist or if the
file size is different. It doesn't look like I can do that according to the
docs. Maybe there's a way for me to tiptoe around this?

I'm using ant 1.3.



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