Will Dyke wrote:

> I know I'm asking for trouble here ;-) but how
> do I contribute to the FAQ? There are questions
> that I feel that I've seen/answered enough
> times, that don't appear in the FAQ. 
> At least then I could answer questions saying
> http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/faq.html#2.3.1
> (say) 
> Will


There are a number of ways to submit a FAQ entry - although there is no 
official procedure.

OK, here are the options that should work

1. submit a mail to ant-dev. You can use [PATCH} in the subject line 
since it is effectively a documentation change. The website is 
considered to be part of Ant's documentation. You should describe the 
question and perhaps even an answer :-)

2. Submit an enhancement request to BugZilla for a documentation change. 
Again provide the question and answer.

3. If you have CVS access and are keen, you can checkout the xdocs 
directory and modify the xml file used to generate the final HTML 
version of the FAQ. There is a docs.xml build file for generating the 
Ant website. You can generate a patch for this file and attach that to 
the [PATCH] mail of option 1 or the bug report of option 2

This page describes the best format for making patches

This page decribes how the Jakarta web pages are generated


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