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Hello, all.

I have noticed a problem with ant, and that is performing loops.

If I want a set of tasks to repeat several times based on a set of
properties, the only way I can do this is using the <script> tags, and
perform the loops in javascript.

Also, it is not possible to use the <script> tags to envelope a set of
tasks to loop through, such as:

<script language="javascript">
for (i=0; i<10; i++)

<echo message="This is my task to be repeated" />

<script language="javascript">

Instead, I have to create and execute the task in Javascript, which
really takes away from the whole ANT XML build script thing.

My current J2EE build script runs almost everything in a loop, so this
means almost the entire build.xml is just Javascript!!

Is there an alternate way to do this?

Also, who is the maintainer of the <script> tasks?  I am keen to know if
such functionality (as described above) could be possible - I am
volunteering to help develop the <script> task, but I need to get more
famniliar with the task first.


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