I thank Brian Nisbet for having replied:

> Policies can be proposed by anyone and they are
> considered on merit, not on the occupation of the proposer.
> However such a policy must actually be written and put to the working
> group. If you are not able to do this, who is? The WG Chairs and the
> RIPE NCC are able to help with the drafting of a policy.

Laurens Hoogendoorn, RIPE NCC IP resource analyst, suggested that I address 
this issue on this anti-abuse mailinglist.  I did so.  If Laurens Hoogendoorn 
cannot put the issue to the working group, I should not waste any further time.

> However I must warn you that historically such policies have not been
> met with great acceptance by the community.

The way it looks from my position as ordinary spam victim, it looks like RIPE 
formerly had no policy at all requiring ISPs to register an abuse contact 
address or to prohibit untruthful information (such as a famous ISP registered 
in the country Republik Cyberbunker), and it looks like RIPE made some degree 
of improvement in this policy.  But if the community really still favours 
spammers, I'm sorry I wasted your time too.

Yours sincerely,
Norman Diamond

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