I thank Michele Neylon for replying.

> If you'd like to propose the policy then it would be discussed etc.,

Indeed the reason I suggested it was because I think it should be proposed, and 
Laurens Hoogendoorn, RIPE NCC IP resource analyst, suggested that I address 
this issue on this anti-abuse mailinglist.

I am an ordinary spam victim, not an ISP administrator and not even working for 
an ISP.  When a spam reaches my inbox instead of spambox, I try to report it to 
abuse contacts.  I do feel that ISPs who register fake abuse contacts should be 
blocked, but I can't do it myself.  I made my best suggestion.

> What Brian was trying to do was to help set your expectations.

Brian Nisbet successfully set my expectations.  No doubt about that.

If someone besides me cares, and if someone thinks RIPE NCC will care, please 
kindly proceed.  I've already given my best suggestion.

(By the way, I set Yahoo web mail to send plain text, but it still doesn't send 
plain text.  A few years ago I tried to persuade Yahoo's administrators to fix 
it, but I guess they don't see the problem -- because Yahoo web mail decodes 
its own encoding and displays it as plain text.  Sorry for the way my messages 
appear on this list, but I did my best.)

Yours sincerely,
Norman Diamond

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