First of all, I'm pretty sure nobody cares.

However, I believe it's my obligation (at the very least) to report on massive abuse operation which I notice.

I receive tons of spam e-mails from Russian or Ukrainian spammers sent from this allegedly "one of Europe's leading hosting providers". Below are just unique spam sources for last 24 hours, but I'm receiving tens of e-mails from each of them and it lasts for a long time already:

Received: from elefanters.eu (mail.elefanters.eu [])
Received: from embarione.ru (mail.embarione.ru [])
Received: from hebraica.eu (mail.hebraica.eu [])
Received: from informazion.eu (mail.informazion.eu [])
Received: from intermagic.eu (mail.intermagic.eu [])
Received: from bookigemse.ru (mail.bookigemse.ru [])
Received: from cooperhant.ru (mail.cooperhant.ru [])
Received: from airpotes.ru (mail.airpotes.ru [])
Received: from footingers.ru (mail.footingers.ru [])
Received: from minderse.eu (mail.minderse.eu [])
Received: from excluzivem.eu (mail.excluzivem.eu [])

(Notice also that the .EU TLD seems to be another spammers' heaven.)

All abuse complaints sent at ab...@plusserver.de are defiantly dismissed. By making this public I'd like to hear something from them. However, I have almost no doubt that this autonomous system advertising hundreds of IPv4 prefixes is 100% rogue.

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