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"Ronald F. Guilmette" <r...@tristatelogic.com> wrote:
> And anyway, if you don't like the gunk you are getting from this one
> domain, twitter.com, why don't you just block all emails from
> twitter.com?
> Do you not know how to do that?  If not, maybe we can find someone who
> can help you with setting up domain-specific blocking for your
> specific email client.
most people on this list deal with or are interested - or involved with - abuse.

I would guess that many are either agents for their governments (or for
some government), Law enforcement of some kind, network/ip abuse, abuse
administration, rbl/dnsbl and/or abuse database and tracking, Internet
societies and/or organizations etc.

Few people on this list, I would think, are just normal and/or average
users who require assistance with configuring their own spam filters,
but thank you for offering to help me to find someone to configure my 
own spam filters. 

As it happens I too, personally, do not receive any spam from Twitter,

and my server IP, which I use to comm with this list, only receives a
few Twitter spams per day (maybe 10?) as all decent criminal syndicates
know better than to simply give me their bots/nets/etc. :)

But the simple truth is that Twitter is arguably the largest 'legal'
spammer on the planet and they are unstoppable as the products (this
are people with Twitter accounts) love followers and to be popular and
these products even help the spammer to market and stay important. 
the people whom are abused have no recourse and as you said: you do not
care as you are not affected. 

This is part of twitter marketing strategy and probably why they are so
hard pressed to 'delete' fake accounts and act on criminal enterprise?

The criminals help Twitter to remain relevant, like a pilot fish
swimming next to a shark.

Twitter helps the criminals to get close to their intended victims, etc.

Then, there are so many 'products' that defend Twitter. (and Facebook
and all the other multinationals) as 'products' are addicted to their
multinational 'food' 

even on an Anti Abuse discussion group - some are trying to argue that
in any universe, Twitter is a good netizen and not a criminal
enterprise. - challenging me to post headers  - even when some Twitter
IP numbers are blocked by 30 different and independent International

Simply ignoring the actual facts and actual statistics. 

As I said: All ethical, honest and functional blocklists lists Twitter
as a Spammer. - It seems that at least 25% do actually list Twitter as a
spammer, and that is quite a lot. So maybe there is hope after all? 


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