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>That is the most stupid thing i've read on this list.

Well, I think you shouldn't be quite so harsh in your judgement.  It is
not immediately apparent that you have been on the list for all that long.
So perhaps you should stick around for awhile longer before making such
comments.  If you do, I feel sure that there will be any number of
stupider things that may come to your attention, including even a few
from your's truly.

Best not to judge the race until it has been fully run.

>Which criminal is paying you to say this nonsense, because no ordinary person
>that has ever received a spam email would ever say such crap.

I would also offer the suggestion that such inartful commentary, being as
it is, ad hominem, is not at all likely to advance your agenda.  It may
have felt good, but I doubt that you have changed a single mind, other
than perhaps one or two who will now be persuaded to take the opposing
position, relative to whatever it was that you had hoped to achieve.


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