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>bottom line is that if you want to run a reputation site and not be
>under an obligation to remove libellous material (not fair comment) you
>would be unwise to do it outside the USA

As much as I would like to claim, on behalf of my countrymen, an absolutely
unique status in this regard, I do believe that there are any number of
other locales from whence a similar feat could be accomplished.  Iceland
seems like a possibility, but also Belize, perhaps Gibraltar, The
Dominican Republic, and quite certainly Nevis & St. Kitts.

Oh!  And the sovereign Republic of Sealand, of course.


P.S.  I cannot help but offer the entirely gratuitous observation that
in many parts of the world it may indeed be more legally tenable to be
either a spammer or a spam-fiendly provider than it is to be a person
or other form of legal entity which publishes anything not qualifying
as glowing positive commentary about any such.

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