> We have published a transparency report that details the nature
> of the requests we received from Law Enforcement Agencies in 2019.
> You can find the report at:
> https://www.ripe.net/publications/docs/ripe-740/

I see a small contradiction in there. At the beginning it is stated that "The 
number of requests increased slightly from 2018 due to mainly the fact that the 
RIPE NCC received repeated requests for the same type of information from the 
same party in the United States.". However, when looking at the numbers per 
country at the bottom the United States submitted 38 requests in 2019 and 39 in 
2019. So that doesn't seem to explain the slight increase. It looks more like 
the 6 requests from Germany (compared to 1 the year before) and some other 
requests from different places have caused the increase.

Not that it's that important, but I feel it would be more appropriate to just 
state "The number of requests increased slightly from 2018" and leave it at 


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