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Relatives of fifth agent still awaiting US visas

by the Associated Press

HAVANA -- The mothers of four Cuban agents convicted of espionage in
the United States have traveled to Miami, where their sons are to be
sentenced beginning this week.

President Fidel Castro made the announcement during a five-hour
speech that continued into the early hours of Saturday at a gathering
of representatives of Latin American parties of the left.

The four women traveled early Friday to Miami. The father and
daughter of the fifth Cuban agent, whose mother is deceased, are
still waiting for visas from the U.S. government to make the trip,
Castro said.

The five men were found guilty of espionage in June after a six-month
trial. Three of them _ Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino and Antonio
Guerrero _ were convicted of espionage conspiracy, which carries a
possible life sentence. Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez, who are
not related, face up to 10 years on lesser charges.

"I hope that they do not commit that error," of sentencing some of
the men to life sentences, said Castro. He said his government had
proof of irregularities during the trial, but offered no details.

Havana says the men committed no crime and were merely collecting
information about anti-Castro organizations to protect the island
nation from violent attacks. An independent federal probation officer
reviewing their case last week suggested that the spies'
anti-terrorism mission targeting Miami-based exiles should entitle
them to leniency.

In federal criminal cases, a court-appointed probation officer makes
sentencing recommendations to a judge, within the sentencing
guidelines set by law. The reviewer's identity was being kept

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