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Lead story - 7/12/2001.

US green light for bloodbath.
by our Arab affairs corresponent

AMERICAN IMPERIALISM has given Israel the green light
to launch wave after wave of terror attacks against
defenceless Palestinian civilians in another futile
attempt to crush the resistance to their brutal

Full of rage and hatred, the Sharon government is
talking of general war, urged on by Zionist settler
fanatics who are clamouring for the assassination
of Yasser Arafat and the rest of the Palestinian

Over 150 Palestinian civilians, including 60
children, were wounded in waves of air-attacks
from Zionist helicopter gunships and warplanes
this week in revenge for resistance actions in
Jerusalem and Haifa which killed 25 Israelis
and wounded hundreds more.
With the full backing of Anglo-American imperialism
General Sharon now talks of a continuing war against
"terrorism" to crush the Palestinian resistance and
President Arafat's autonomous Palestinian Authority
ignoring the fact that Arafat has condemned the
violence and in any case is powerless to stop the
rising temper of the Palestinian people.

Zionist Education Minister Limer Livnat said "The
assassination of suspects have importance on their
own, yet they are not enough," She added "We must
topple a regime that supports terrorism and allows
it to operate... first and foremost, we must
understand that Arafat is the one who leads this
terror. He cannot be a partner" - words echoed by
the otheropen Arab haters in the Sharon government.

This has been too much for Sharon's Labour coalition
partners to stomach.Shimon Peres, the more-or-less
sidelined Foreign Minister, is threatening to pull
out of the coalition and has distanced himself from
the most rabid remarks of the government Labour props

Whether Labour does remain in government remains to
be seen. Peres will not risk a new election without
some sort of understanding with Arafat -in practice
even more concessions - to enable him to win the
peace lobby,the Israeli Arabs and Labour's Zionist
supporters in a future poll.

Another Afghanistan

Throughout the Middle East there is a growing fear
that the US and British imperialism, together with
its Israeli and Turkish puppets, is preparing for a
general offensive against the Arabs. Washington is
full of talk of a major strike against Iraq to topple
the Saddam Hussein government. The imperialists talk
as if the Afghan war has been won; though it clearly
is still going on, because they are already planning
their next war.

Though US Secretary of State Colin Powell is playing
down the prospect of imminent attack he's demanding
that Iraq allow the return of UN "weapons inspectors"
and last week George Bush warned that Saddam Hussein
would "find out" what would happen if he didn't comply.

In London the Blair government has tried to damp
down fears of a widening conflicting, mindful of
the growing peace campaign not least within the
ranks ofits own supporters. Blair's spokesman said
enigmatically: "There is no evidence that implicates
Iraq in the events of September 11. That said, we
have always acknowledged that the fight against
international terrorism will take two phases".

The war goes on

And in Afghanistan US bombers are continuing to pound
the Taleban stronghold of Kandahar while intriguing for
the establishment of a puppet regime in Kabul. This
week three US soldiers were killed and 19 more wounded
in a B-52 raid which went wrong and the Taleban fighters
claim to have killed other Americans in the fighting in
the south.

But the American focus has been on the talks that
have just ended in Germany. The Northern Alliance
and one of the Pathan [Pushtoon] chiefs close to
the Western-favoured ex-king have agreed an interim
administration. The lion's share of ministries have
gone to the leaders of the Alliance though they did
agree to accept Hamid Karzai, a leading Pathan chief
from the south, as head of administration.

They were dismissed by the former Taleban envoy to
Pakistan as "puppets of America".

"Any government imposed on the Afghans from abroad
can't be accepted," Abdel Salam Zaeef declared.
"This is not acceptable to the people of Afghanistan.
This is only a puppet government... chosen by America
and other foreign countries for their interests, not
for the people of Afghanistan".

Russia, which has already established a presence in
Kabul, and Iran, which backs one of the Tajik
militias in the Northern Alliance, will be working
to ensure that the Alliance holds together and retains
its direct control of the northern half of the country.

According to some Moscow papers, Russian advisers were
fighting on the front-line with the Alliance militias.
Few think the war is over. One Russian expert predicts
that Kandahar will soon surrender.

The Taleban fighters will then retreat to their mountain
village homes. In the spring the war will begin again.

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