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U.S. Will Not Succeed in Toppling Saddam: Iraqi Minister

   BAGHDAD, December 8 (Xinhua) -- The United States will not be 
able to remove Iraqi President Saddam Hussein from power, just it 
had tried, but failed, in the past to topple the Iraqi strongman, 
Iraqi Minister of Culture Hamed Yussef Humadi said on Saturday.

   "They (the U.S.) have been trying this for the past 20 years and
they admitted for many times that they did not succeed. They are 
not going to succeed because Saddam has the whole (Iraqi) 
population behind him," Humadi told Xinhua after attending the 
opening ceremony of a Chinese photo exhibition in the capital 

   U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has said recently that 
toppling the Saddam regime remained as an aim of the U.S. foreign 

   When asked about the possibility of the U.S. attacks on Iraq, 
Humadi said that the U.S. has been attacking Iraq over the past 
years, referring to U.S. air strikes on targets in two no-fly zones
in Iraq set up by the U.S.-led Western allies after the 1991 Gulf 

   The U.S. and Britain have been enforcing the two air exclusive 
zones since the Gulf War with the claimed aim of protecting the 
Kurds in the north and Shiite Muslims in the south from the 
persecution from the Iraqi government.

   Humadi also reiterated Iraq's rejection of the return of U.N. 
arms inspectors. "We reject spies and intelligence people to come 
(to Iraq) as arms inspectors, and they are not allowed back."

   He claimed that such accusations that the arms inspectors served
as "spies" and "intelligence people" were not made by Iraq, but by 
Richard Butler, former head of the now-defunct U.N. Special 
Commission in charge of Iraq's disarmament. 

   "Butler has acknowledged ... he worked for the (U.S.) Central 
Intelligence Agency," Humadi said.

   Iraq has repeatedly rejected the return of the arms inspectors, 
who withdrew from Iraq ahead of four-day U.S.-British military 
strikes against Baghdad in December 1998.  


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