XINHUA - Peoples Republic of China

Chinese President Urges Increased Research of Military Sciences

   BEIJING, December 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Jiang Zemin 
said here Saturday the study of military sciences is vital to 
improving national defense and modernizing the Chinese army.

   Jiang, also chairman of the Central Military Commission, spoke 
Saturday to deputies of the Military Academy of Sciences attending
the academy's fifth congress of the Communist Party of China.

   "Advanced military theories are important conditions for 
guiding a healthy development in the construction of the army and 
for winning victories in military strikes," said Jiang, who is 
also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

   Jiang spoke highly of the achievements the academy has made in 
basic research of military sciences and applied research.

   He urged the deputies to improve understanding of military 
scientific research work, intensify leadership over the work, step
up scientific research on major issues related to national defense
and modernization of the army, produce more high-quality 
scientific research achievements and train more high-quality 
scientific research personnel.

   The fifth Party congress of the Military Academy of Sciences 
was opened on December 4, with 240 deputies in attendance. The 
congress summed up the Party-building work carried out in the  
academy and its achievements in military scientific research in 
the past years, and laid out the academy's goals for the next five


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