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Mumia Protestors Attacked by Cops
in Philadelphia!
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December 8, 2001
As Over 1,000 Turn Out in Philadelphia for Mumia Abu-Jamal
 Ten Arrested; One Left Rally In An Ambulance
   The International Action Center (IAC) condemns in the 
strongest terms the Philadelphia police's unprovoked and 
brutal attack on today's thousand-plus march in support of 
death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.
According to one eyewitness account, on behalf of a 
right-wing heckler of the rally, bicycle cops towards the 
back of the march rode into the middle of the crowd, 
dismounted their bikes and, wielding guns and batons, 
started indiscriminately beating, pepper-spraying and 
arresting people.  Guns were pointed at peoples' heads; 
others were thrown against cars.
The crowd was marching from the corner of 13th and Locust, 
where 20 years ago Abu-Jamal was arrested for a crime, the 
shooting of police officer Daniel Faulkner, he says he did 
not commit.  Today at that location protesters viewed the 
videotaped confession of Arnold Beverly, who has publicly 
admitted to killing Officer Faulkner for the mob.
As police drew their billy clubs and guns, protesters 
surrounded the cops to try to protect those being arrested 
and/or attacked and chanted, "Let them go! Let them go!" 
and "Shame! Shame!"  Police attacked some of these 
Several IAC members were among those attacked, with some 
being maced and others receiving several blows from police 
batons.  Further eyewitness reports include a woman being 
dragged for at least a block, choking and with her skin 
exposed. One person was taken off in an ambulance.  In one 
incident, an African American reporter photographing the 
events from on top a car was grabbed and pulled to the 
ground; the attack left a dent in the car.
After the attacks, the march proceeded to the final indoor 
rally at Philadelphia's Ethical Society, where more spoke 
out in favor of Mumia's demand for his release based 
primarily on Beverly's confession.  Protesters saw the 
attacks as further efforts on the part of the 
Philadelphia's Fraternal Order of Police to prevent the 
truth about Mumia's case from emerging.  Those present 
also watched fresh video footage of the police attacks.
 Currently a number of protesters who traveled to 
Philadelphia are staying there to provide legal and 
political support to those who have been falsely 
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