At 11:55 2001-12-08 -0500, Barry Stoller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Rolf M.:
> > Your subject line should have been "40 years on...", Barry!
> > The former socialism in the Soviet Union was not overthrown in 1991,
> >of course, but in the late 50s / early 60s, and social-imperialism, one
> >kind of that impossible capitalism too, established there...
>According to you, 'real' Soviet socialism ended sometime around 1953

No, some 3-10 years later than that.

>According to the Trots, 'real' Soviet socialism ended sometime around
>And according to the Menshviks, there wasn't even any 'real' Soviet
>All you three sectarian groups do is play the utopian nihilism game with
>minor variations.
>It's boring.

To those who don't care about such things as facts -
or, to be more precise, to those who feel uncomfy
about the facts because of their long-time support
of an arch-reactionary power - yes, of course it's

Rolf M.

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