At 14:23 2001-12-10 -0500, Barry Stoller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>If there's a show of hands, mine goes for getting rid of Rolf with his
>interminable and ill-titled 'Unite' spam, his churlish 'debates' and his
>unceasing sectarianism.

Yes of course, Barry, what else was to be expected from you too -
when you've run out of arguments totally and are standing there
with your arch-reactionary political line quite bare-assed - than

For this very typically Brezhnev/Ashcroft "political line", - "just make
those who're exposing us shut up!" - those other "staunch Leftists"
Richard "Najibullah-1" Roper and Thomas P. "mart" "Najibullah-2"
Murrey already have raised *their* hands.

Only you were - so far - missing. But here you are too, Barry
"Najibullah-3" Stoller!

Pretty educating, I at least hope all this is, to all other
list subscribers, concerning one phenomenon that all
genuine leftists and NATO opponents are up against too!

Rolf M.

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