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'Most wanted terrorist' captured in Kenya

Police have captured a man who allegedly took part in the 1998 bombing of
the American embassy in Kenya.

Sheikkh Ahmed Salim Swedan, who has suspected ties to Osama bin Laden, was
arrested in Mandera.

His name appears on a list of the '22 Most Wanted' terrorists issued by the

Swedan was arrested "over concerns for the security of the country". He is
being questioned but has not been charged.

Tony Blair has identified Swedan as one of two al-Qaida operatives who
bought a truck used in the August 1998 Nairobi embassy bombing in which 219
people were killed, including 12 Americans.

Another 12 people were killed in a simultaneous bombing of the US embassy in
Dar-es-Salaam in neighbouring Tanzania.

Four people were tried and convicted in New York in connection with both
embassy bombings which US authorities claim were masterminded by Osama bin
Laden, who is under indictment for the attacks.

Kenya handed over two of the four men to US authorities within a week of the
Nairobi bombing.

Story filed: 12:59 Monday 10th December 2001

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