"I can't comment on the protests because I don't know what they are
upset about," [Clinton] said. Wow, how clueless can you get?
Old Slick Willie's never had to worry about having HIS
home bulldozed!

Miroslav Antic wrote:

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> Protest over Clinton speech
> >From AP
> 11dec01
> GLASGOW: Former US president Bill Clinton was the target of
> pro-Palestinian demonstrators as he prepared to begin a speaking tour
> organised by a Jewish charity.
> About 300 protesters gathered outside the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow and
> shouted and jeered at guests arriving for the centenary fundraising
> dinner, hosted by the Jewish National Fund.
> About a dozen demonstrators dumped a burning effigy of Clinton near the
> entrance to the hotel, forcing security staff to put out the flames with
> fire extinguishers.
> Many chanted "shame" and "Palestine" and waved banners which read "Stop
> Israel's War Crimes" and "Justice Through Peace."
> The British-based charity was founded in 1901 to raise money to purchase
> land throughout Palestine in the hope that a state of Israel would one
> day be established.
> Joint vice-president Stanley Lovatt said Clinton's three fundraising
> dinners had been organised to raise money for a reservoir project in the
> Negev region of Israel.
> "The Israeli problem is only going to form a small part of Mr Clinton's
> speech, the rest will be taken up with thoughts about US and British
> relations and his thoughts as a former world leader," Lovatt said.
> Clinton, who flew into Scotland earlier in the day and played golf at
> Turnberry on the west coast, arrived at the hotel before most of the
> demonstrators began to gather.
> He told reporters he would be talking about the campaign in Afghanistan
> and the war on terrorism, but refused to comment on the protests against
> his visit.
> "I can't comment on the protests because I don't know what they are
> upset about," he said.
> MP Tommy Sheridan, who is a Scottish Socialist Party member in the
> Scottish parliament, said he was attending the demonstration to "stand
> up against the injustice of an illegal occupation of Palestine,
> supported and financed by the United States of America, both past
> presidents and present".
> About 750 guests have paid L125 ($350) a head to hear the former
> president speak in Glasgow, followed by a question and answer session
> with the audience.
> Clinton will address another fundraising dinner in Manchester, northern
> England, tomorrow and a third in London the next day.

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