Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace walks around Lake Merritt in
Oakland each Sunday at 3.  These folks seem a little more ambitious
than that!  The following message arrived today.  Please forward hither
& yon.  - Steve

Peace-by-Peace journey 
begins in Berkeley on 
MLK Day, 1-21-02

December 4, 2001

Dear Friends,

  I hope this letter finds you well, healthy and strong in body, mind,
and spirit.  In about 7 weeks, the Peace-by-Peace journey will begin.

  We have a lot of preparation ahead of us, and hope you can help in
any way you feel moved to do so.  The following letter has our updated
route, web site, and PO Box, as well as general information.  Please
feel free to circulate! May peace grow in all our hearts.

  We are writing to invite you to participate with us in a peace

  On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 21, 2002, a small group
of people from the Bay Area, will begin a walk starting in Berkeley,
California, and ending in Washington D.C., on September 11, 2002.  We
call this walk, peace-by-peace.  Inspired by Peace Pilgrim and
precipitated by recent global events, this walk is a prayer of and for
peace. It is a moving meditation centered in each of our own quests for
inner peace, as well as our collective desire to actively participate
in creating a world where we can live together equitably and
harmoniously. We invite you to join us on our walk, for a mile, an
hour, a day, or all the way to Washington DC!

  Our route will begin in Berkeley California on January 21, 2002 and
take us through the California Central Valley. We will then travel
through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee,
Carolina and Virginia arriving in Washington DC on September 11,2002.
(Please see the end of this letter for a list of major cities on our

  We are seeking opportunities to meet in fellowship with: peace
organizations, churches, spiritual/intentional communities, student
peace groups, schools, labor union groups and any other interested
organizations and individuals along the way.

  We welcome all spiritual/practical/logistical/financial support,
especially by way of fellowship, food, lodging, on our journey. We
thank you, and whole-heartedly appreciate your participation and

  "We who work for peace must not falter. We must continue to pray for
peace and to act for peace in whatever way we can, we must continue
to speak for peace and to live the way of peace; to inspire others, we
must continue to think of peace and to know that peace is possible. 
Ultimate peace begins within. When we find peace within there will be
no more conflict, no more occasion for war."  - Peace Pilgrim

*Our website is under construction and should be up in a few weeks:

*If you are local to the Bay Area and would like to be contacted for
our upcoming benefit/send-off party, please send your name address and
phone number to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.  We have a great evening
planned at the Black Box Theater at 1932 Telegraph Ave. in Downtown
Oakland.  Save the date: Saturday January 5th, 2002 (from 5pm to

*If you are unable to participate in the walk, but would like to
help:  prayers, meditations and thoughts of well wishing are deeply

*If you would like to send a donation to help with expenses, no amount
is too small. All money will go directly to food, camping costs,
support vehicle, and some will be given back to the communities which
have hosted us along the way.  (See the end of this letter for where to
send donations).

Major cities on our route:
Walkers will be needing shelter in all these locations, other than
the National Monuments/Parks. (Updates and estimated arrival dates will
be on our website once it is up and running).

California:  Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, San Jose, Coyote, Morgan
Hill, Gilroy, Hollister, Tres Pinos, Paicines, Pinnacles Nat'l
Priest Valley, Parkfield, Cholame, Blackwell's Corner, Lost Hills,
Wasco, Shafter, Rosedale, Green-Acres, Edison, Keene, Tehachapi; 
Willow Springs, Lancaster, El Mirage, Adelanto (alternate route:
Mojave, North Edwards, Kramer Junction, Barstow); Victorville, Apple
Valley, Lucern Valley, Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree Nat'l Monument, Salton
Sea Nat'l Wildlife Refuge, Niland; Calipatria Alamorio, El Centro,
Holtville (alternate route: Glamis); Winterhaven; Yuma, Arizona:
Phoenix, Blythe, Globe New Mexico: Lordsburg, Alamagordo, Roswell
Texas: Amarillo Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa  Arkansas: Springdale,
Harrison, Mountain Home, Janesboro Tennessee: Memphis, Fayetteville,
Jackson, Nashville, Chatanooga North Carolina:  Silva, Asheville


<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, or call  510-644-9260

2124 Kittredge St. PMB #250
Berkeley, Ca. 94704

In Gratitude,

(Angela, Lisa, Roya, Kasha, Amanda, Padraig, Katy, Keith)

peace-by-peace peace-by-peace
(510) 496-1269 x1661 - voicemail/fax

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