Turkish Daily News
April 23, 2002
Dr. Ayla Gol: 'Sept. 11 rearranges alliances' 
'Russian-Iranian-Armenian front was cracked by a U.S.


The former alliances started to be moved in the
aftermath of the Sept. 11, attacks on the United
States, Dr. Ayla Gol of the International Relations
Department of Ankara University's Faculty of Political
Sciences said. 

Gol said that, Washington managed to crack the
Russian-Armenian-Iranian alliance getting into a
closer military relationship with Yerevan. 

In an interview with the Turkish Daily News, Gol, who
is a young and promising academic, suggested more
steps should be taken by Turkey, to follow a balanced
policy on the Caucasus in the new political

Turkey should leave its pro-Azerbaijani policies, and
should play a more active role in the region, Ayla Gol

"Armenian Defense Minister Serzh Sarkisian, signed a
joint communique with the Americans on military
cooperation on March 25, 2002. That was a clear crack
created by Washington on the front standing against
the Turkish-Azerbaijani-American front," Ayla Gol

Gol presented a paper to the 12th Security and
Cooperation Conference held in Antalya, and was
praised by her work on the Caucasus by the
participants of the conference. 

In the newly-emerging situation, one of the biggest
problems is the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh
dispute between Yerevan and Baku, said Gol, and offers
a more Turkish involvement in the solution process. 

"Armenia has realized that it cannot just make
politics over Russia, and understood that it should
accommodate a two-sided foreign policy, taking Russia
into consideration. And Turkey should play a more
active role on the issue," said Gol. 

Gol said that, the United States, which has been
following a "Russia first!" policy on the Caucasus,
started to carry out a policy, basing on its interests
on the region. 

She put emphasis on the need for the protection of
open dialogue channels between Armenia and Turkey. 

"Concerning the emphasis on the so-called genocide
issue, a distinction should be made between the
Armenian government and the diaspora, initially," she
suggested. "Turkey should be aware of the geographical
position of Armenia, its being landlocked and the need
for better ties with Turkey," Gol said. 

The efforts of the Turkish and Armenian businessmen
were also defined to be a very important step for the
development of the Turkish-Armenian relations. 

Turkish-Armenian Business Development Committee
(TABDC) co-chaired by Kaan Soyak and Arsen Gazarian,
has been paying considerable efforts for promoting
Turkish-Armenian relations. 

She put emphasis on the role of the international
organizations such as the GUAMM (Georgian, Ukrainian,
Uzbekistani, Azerbaijani and Moldovan) and Stability
Pact for the solution of the conflicts in the region. 

Compromise between Washington and Moscow on the
Dr. Ayla Gol argues that a compromise was reached
between Washington and Moscow over the Caucasus. 

"U.S. military deployment in Georgia was balanced with
the United States support for the Russian thesis on
the Chechens, that they have been terrorists. It is
seen to be a clear compromise between Washington and
Moscow," she continued. 

Stating that Russia is in a post-super power syndrome,
Ayla Gol said that, Russia should not be neglected, in
politics over the Caucasus. 

Who is Ayla Gol? 
Dr. Ayla Gol has been a lecturer in international
relations at the Faculty of Political Science at
Ankara University since 1987. She was educated at the
same university from where she graduated, with a
Masters in international relations. She went on to the
London School of Economics, and Political Science
where she gained her Ph.D. degree in 2000, and also
worked as a part-time teacher for two years. Dr. Gol
is a specialist in the theories of international
relations, nationalism and foreign policy analysis.
Her particular area of expertise is in South Caucasian
affairs. She has given a number of papers at various
conferences in both Turkey and Britain. She is
currently preparing a book project entitled
'Modernizing Turkey through Foreign Policy: Relations
with Armenia and Azerbaijan.' 

Ankara - Turkish Daily News 


Germany confirms Talabani-Barzani meeting in Berlin 


The spokesman of the German Foreign Ministry Andreas
Michaelis, confirmed that the leader of the Patriotic
Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Jalal Talabani and the head
of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Massoud
Barzani, met in Germany a while ago. 

According to an Anatolia News Agency report, Michaelis
stated that his ministry was informed about the
presence of Talabani and Barzani in Berlin, without
elaborating on the details of the visit. 

An Arab newspaper had reported that Talabani and
Barzani met with American officers in Berlin, for a
secret meeting over the toppling of the Iraqi leader
Saddam Hussein. 

The daily said that Talabani and Barzami decided to
bring their forces together for the end of the Saddam
regime, adding that approximately two months later,
another meeting, which is scheduled to realize with a
broader participation, was being planned. 

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