Saoirse Irish Freedom
October 10, 2002
NO to NATO. . . NO to NATO . . . 

“THE people of the 26 Counties had shouted 'stop' to
the ever-tightening EU grip in June 2001 when they
voted down the Nice Treaty by 54% to 46% -- yet this
decisive rejection has been ignored by the
establishment politicians,” said Ruairé Ó Brádaigh,
President of Republican Sinn Féin, at a press
conference in Dublin on September 24, to launch the
organisation's campaign for a ‘No’ vote in the Nice
referendum on October 19 next. 

Republican Sinn Féin called on the people to repeat
this rejection of EU militarisation, centralisation
and domination by the larger states: 

The centralisation of power through the abolition of
the veto power of member-states in 30 different areas
removes a vital protection for Irish interests. 
Nice involves domination by the larger states,
Germany, France, Britain and Italy by a decisive shift
away from equality among the member-states. The four
large states will have their voting power trebled
while the remainder will have theirs doubled. 
Nice is another step undermining neutrality and
towards the creation of a nuclear-armed superstate, a
new European Empire. It consolidates progress towards
and creation of a European Army Rapid Reaction Force
which can operate 2,500 miles beyond the borders of
the EU. 
Republican Sinn Féin does not oppose new members
joining the EU. Five can do so immediately. Others can
join individually as happened down the years. But we
oppose building a union dominated and militarised by
the large states before the new members are admitted. 
“It is time to teach those politicians a lesson,” Ó
Brádaigh said, “and to show them that the building of
a European superstate at the expense of smaller
nations is not the way to go in the long-term.” 

The Republican Movement's view of the Europe of the
future has always been a “Europe of peoples and not of
the existing states,” many of which are multi-national
in character, 

James Connolly advocated a “free federation of free
peoples” for Europe and it was in keeping with this
concept that the Movement had approached the European
ideal down the decades. 

“Deeper EU integration” is the catchphrase of Germany,
Britain, France and Italy and it is past time to halt
this process. 

Denmark had secured a Protocol when it rejected
Maastricht, releasing it from EU military commitments,
Britain was absolved from the Social Chapter of
Maastricht and with several other states was not part
of the Euro common currency. 

Far from asserting its independence following the
people's rejection of Nice, the 26-County State had
got merely a non-binding “declaration”. The proposed
constitutional amendment did not provide for a
referendum before neutrality was finally abandoned. 

Observer status at the Western European Union, a
pillar of the NATO alliance; membership of the
Partnership for Peace without the guaranteed
referendum, the Rapid Reaction Force, US war-planes at
Shannon Airport and other moves clearly indicated that
neutrality was being gradually sliced away. 

This is not what the people of Ireland want. It is
time to say “No” once more and bring the arrogance of
the Establishment to a halt. Republican Sinn Féin is
distributing tens of thousands of leaflets and
displaying posters as part of its ongoing "No to Nice"

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