AFP. 2 March 2003. Castro visits atomic bomb memorial in Hiroshima; Over
80 percent of Japanese against war on Iraq: poll.

TOKYO -- Cuban President Fidel Castro visited the atomic bomb memorial
in Hiroshima on Monday during a three-day stop in Japan, the last leg of
his Asian tour, officials said.

The 76-year-old Cuban leader offered a silent prayer after placing a
wreath at a monument dedicated to victims of the 1945 atomic bomb that
was dropped on the western Japanese city some 700 kilometers (440 miles)
southwest of Tokyo.

Castro also visited Hiroshima Peace Memorial Hall, where pictures and
remains of the bombing are displayed.

"I have wanted to share with people in Hiroshima the determination that
we should never repeat the tragedy of Hiroshima," Castro was quoted by
Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) as saying during a luncheon with
Hiroshima prefecture Governor Yuzan Fujita.

More than 226,000 people died after being exposed to radiation from the
atomic bombing, the first in history, which occurred at the end of World
War II.

More than 80 percent of Japanese people oppose a US-led military attack
on Iraq, an opinion poll released Monday showed.

Some 84 percent of 1,062 eligible voters surveyed by telephone at the
weekend by the Mainichi Shimbun said they oppose war in Iraq, with only
11 percent supporting a military campaign against Baghdad.

Some 6,000 people rallied in the atomic-bombed Japanese city of
Hiroshima Sunday to protest US war plans and warn against the use of
depleted uranium bombs.

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