AnyEvent 7.13 has just been released to CPAN.

This is a maintenance release with minor bugfixes/improvements only,
mainly improve TLS SNI support, allow some extra characters in domain
names (such as ß) and document existing condvar behaviour - the changelog

7.13 Sat Sep 17 04:31:49 CEST 2016
        - Only call tlsext_host_name for non-empty common names (reported
          by Maxime Soulé).
        - log a (single) notice message if SNI is not supported.
        - upgrade to UTS-46:9.0.0 draft and switch to non-transitional
          behaviour, beating thunderbird, ie, edge, chrome and safari to it :)
          (see also
        - turns out the UTS-46 IDNA testcase failures were indeed bugs in the
          testcases and the specification and not in the code - the post-9.0.0
          unicode files have all known problems fixed, so finally the AnyEvent
          IDNA implementation can pass the full IDNA testsuite - without needing
          a single fix :)
        - guarantee (and document) that condvar callbacks will be removed
          on invocation - important to avoid circular references.

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