I have a requirement to make some Tomcat pages available through an
AOLServer host. I would like to do this by mapping a part of the url
space on the AOLserver to Tomcat. e.g

http://foo.bar.com/some/page/index.html goes to /some/page/index.html on
the AOLServer


http://foo.bar.com/some/other/page/index.html goes to
http://foo.bar.com:8080/page/index.html which is Tomcat.

In other words anything below /some/other goes to the tomcat server on
port 8080 using AOLS as a reverse proxy otherwise the request is handled
by AOLS. I believe this can be done with virtual hosting but I can't
find any examples of how to set it up. If its possible could someone
give me a few pointers. If there is a better way knowledge of that would
also be appreciated.



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