On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 10:32:30PM -0400, Scott Goodwin wrote:

> 7. Virtual servers in AOLserver 4.0 adds a lot more complexity to the
> code -- virtual server state must be kept to ensure that one virtual
> server cannot access another virtual server's structures and data.

I realize this must be awfully late in the coding to bring up, but:
Would it greatly simplify or speed up things to release a first
version of nsopenssl which works with AOLserver 4.0, but does NOT
support virtual servers in any way?

Since we didn't have any built in virtual server support at all in
AOLserver 3.x, I imagine there are many people converting from 3.x to
4.0 who would be perfectly happy to have NO virtual server support for
the time being, but who need a working nsopenssl in order to switch to
4.0.  I myself fall into this group.

> Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to split nsopenssl into two
> modules. The nsopenssl module will now be entirely focused on
> AOLserver's comm-driven connections. The nshttps module will focus on
> creating and using SSL connections using a Tcl API.

That sounds good.  But do you plan to make this happen for the release
of AOLserver 4.0 (whenver that might be), or at some later date, or?

> The only downside to separating the two modules is that a significant
> portion of the code will be duplicated. At this point I don't really

That doesn't sound so good.

> care about that and will revisit whether I want to have both modules
> generated from (some) common files, or if I want to turn the common
> portions of both into a loadable library on its own after we have some
> experience with the modules in operation. In any case, both modules
> will retain their separate identities.

Well, that also sounds reasonable.  First get it working, then
refactor.  So, both the nsopenssl and nshttps loadable modules will
remain part of the current nsopenssl project in CVS, share the
makefiles, etc.?  Since you'll want to refactor the code again soon
anyway, I hope you'll keep the separation in the codebase between the
two new loadable modules as close as possible...

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