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At Thursday 10:57 AM 10/23/2003, you wrote:
Have you patched the oracle driver? Did it solve your problem?

We didn't end up having to patch the driver. Instead, at Oracle's suggestion, we updated the Oracle client software from to, and that appears to have fixed the memory leak (which was severe with the client--about 1MB/minute under a fairly light load).

We received one response on a related topic, mentioning that the Oracle 9i
client seems to leak file descriptors--in particular, the Oracle message
file.  And now that we're looking, we do indeed see that leaves an
increasing number of open instances of rdbms/mesg/oraus.msb.  In our case,
though, there's currently a correlation between the number of leaked
descriptors and the number of hung connections (as reported by
monitor.tcl), so it's not clear if this is something in the Oracle client
itself or just a result of hanging connections.  Of course, if the 9i
client is more prone to hung connections than the 8i client was, that's a
problem in itself.  We're still testing to try to resolve these issues.

- John

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