On Thu, Jan 13, 2005 at 09:05:06AM +0000, Jorge Garcia wrote:

>  Hi, I want to use an URL who points to a .tcl file, but I don't
> want the '.tcl' part appears in the link, i.e. 'www.web.com/file',
> where 'file' in the link equals 'file.tcl'
> How can I get this?.

That is a feature of OpenACS, not of AOLserver.  OpenACS implements it
(and indeed, the entire OpenACS request processor) in Tcl using
AOLserver's APIs, so you certainly should be able to hack it out of
OpenACS and run it stand alone in AOLserver.

Someone has probably already done that, and maybe even released the
resulting code - but if so I don't recall hearing about it.  There are
also probably several other implemenation hanging around in different
people's AOLserver toolkits, besides the OpenACS one, as it's a nice
little feature and shouldn't be a very hard to implement.

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