> Well, since Tcl doesn't have a "clone this interp"
> capability, we kind of "fake it" in AOLserver.  We create a
> "master interp" which sources all the Tcl at start-up, then
> dump its contents as best we can (which generally means
> capturing the proc definitions for all procs listed in [info
> procs]), building up a Tcl script used to initialize new
> interps. [ns_ictl get] will dump you a copy of the script
> that the server is using.

As I've mentioned before, there has been work done on a interp
cloning function, and it can be found in one of Tcl's CVS
branches (mod-8-3-4-branch IIRC).  This was work done by
ActiveState for Cisco under contract (part of porting Tcl 8.3
to routers).  Someone could look at that as a base and move
the work to the head.


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