> > The real garbage-collection is a tough issue. Hence not tackled by the
> > AS yet. So, what's here (ns_cleanup) works but not realy universally.
> Jeff Hobbs has mentioned that Tcl interp cloning work on one
> of the Tcl 8.3.x branches several times now.  Jeff, how fast
> is that stuff, or how fast could it be made?  Could it
> conceivably be fast enough to make it practical to simply
> dump and re-clone the WHOLE Tcl interp for each and every
> AOLserver connection?

Yes, I would think so.  The work was done in porting Tcl to
specialized routers where each incoming call would create
another interp to respond.  The Tcl_CloneInterp worked all
down at the C level, even copying bytecodes.

I would think that is the best possible solution, but it isn't
the easiest.  The 8.3 branch that has it was designed to work
in a single-threaded environment.  Other tweaks were made to
save memory (this was for a router, after all), that you would
not want.  Fortunately those should be orthogonal, but making
the whole Tcl_CloneInterp robust for the HEAD would take some
time I imagine (at least a few weeks).


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