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> CVS2SVN can do it. We recenetly experiemented with importing the
> entire OpenACS CVS tree into SVN and it was possible. OpenACS is
> gigantic compared to AOLserver so it seems likely its possible.

I agree with Dave, we moved company whole repository from CVS to SVN
using that script, and it worked fine. We did that like a year ago
already, and we all are pretty happy with the change.

> What really more important here is what are you trying to fix.
> Are there really that many outstanding issues that we need to move
> everything from sourceforge? Wouldn't it be easier to just write up a
> page with the milestones?

Well, I would like to have a better tool with support for tickets, and
as far as I have seen, trac supports that and more, plus it *seems*
(note that I have not worked with it yet) it supports many other useful

I am ok with setting up TRAC.

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