Do you have all your scheduled procs run in threads?

Here are some ideas: 
1. any proc which doesn't return immediately needs to be run in a thread.
2. at startup there could still be something which runs once and lasts too 
long to allow this proc to run. Maybe something starts up right before the 
first minute and lasts too long? 
3. one way to test this would be to somehow delay the first run to sometime 
past a minute. 

I seem to remember that the rescheduling (when you don't use -once) happens 
after your thread finishes. If the scheduler is delayed too long, it skips 
this short interval proc and then it never runs again. 

There is usually a message which gets printed saying a scheduled proc took too 
long. Probably this message means you could have missed another scheduled 

tom jackson
On Tuesday 04 December 2007 11:22, Ian Harding wrote:
> at 7 seconds it stops after 8 runs.
> at 10 seconds it stops after 6 runs.
> I am starting to see a trend. ;^)
> I swear it used to run all day at 5 seconds and I have not changed
> anything in the server config.  Odd.

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