I've been around a while but this is my first post to the aolserver list.

I have a .LRN site running on AOLserver 4.0.10 and this week we added static html pages on that site. Those pages are encoded in utf-8, the html head block has a http-equiv for content-type with content="text/ html; charset=utf-8", the file system of the server is using utf-8 and the ns/parameters section of the aolserver config file contains:

ns_param HackContentType 1
ns_param DefaultCharset utf-8
ns_param HttpOpenCharset utf-8
ns_param OutputCharset utf-8
ns_param URLCharset utf-8

however the content-type in the http header of the response would read:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1

so the browser would set the charset to iso instead of utf-8 and spanish characters wouldn't be rendered correctly.

I had to add 'ns_param .html "text/html; charset=utf-8"' in the ns/ mimetypes section to get the charset correctly in the http header. I was expecting the OutputCharset to be applied by default, as it is when adp or tcl files are served, but apparently it doesn't and I don't understand why. Did I miss anything?


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