On 2008.05.01, Maurizio Martignano <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When using Zippy I noticed that the memory occupied by Aolserver (nsd)
> always grows, without being released.

That's probably because we don't invoke madvise() anywhere.  Of course,
apparently on MacOS X madvise() is broken, and on Win32 we should use
VirtualFree().  See this entry about jemalloc where this issue is

    Perceived jemalloc memory footprint

I mentioned on the IRC chat that it might be fun to implement a very
fine-grained debugging memory allocator implementation that keeps lots
of statistics that we can examine and is designed with knowledge that
it's debugging an AOLserver process to record the relevant bits of
information so we can correlate it back to an activity that the code is

I don't know if this is a worthwhile idea, but it was fun to think about
for a moment, anyway.

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