In addition there is Web Services for Tcl:

I have not used it at all, so I can't offer any opinion...however it does
look like it uses tdom.

Right Web Services for Tcl requires Tcl 8.5 and tclhttpd, it doesn't work with AOLserver.

Besides, Web Services for Tcl is based upon the TclOO package by Donal K. Fellows which is not (besides other issues) multi-threading/ AOLServer compatible (no serializer etc.)

You might want to check out xotcl-soap (xosoap) as well which comes as OpenACS package: see

I don't think TclSOAP uses tdom, does it? That might explain any speed problems.

Indeed, TclSOAP is built around TclDOM/TclXML and suggests one of the two C-based DOM backends:

Has anyone used TclSOAP? And compared it in performance to Java SOAP clients?

I do not have a direct comparison, but probably some rough benchmark:
(the accompanying paper is also a good introductory read)

Generally speaking, and according to the benchmark above, Java-based environments (Axis 1.2 at that time) are (across all benchmark types) less performant than c/c++ based ones (gSOAP), by factors of ~7 (latency) and 10-15+ (end-to-end roundtrip, i.e. including de/marshalling, arrays of ints + strings). The picture certainly changed since 2004 because parsing (streaming parsers) and optimisation techniques (differential marshaling) gained momentum in Java-based toolkits, but it shows a tendency. Besides, memory footprint is not considered in the above benchmark which might be even more important than processing time depending on your requirements.

We are currently working on a performance evaluation of xotcl-soap. First, tentative results show that xotcl-soap settles in the inbetween the two benchmark ends above, in the lower third of this range. But, again, the test setting is not directly comparable. I will report back if there is interest. Moreover, we work on optimisations (differential marshaling using adp templating, for instance) that might promise speed-ups by a factor of 10 in certain settings.

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